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Most popular study programmes at UiO

The most popular programmes among the 2022 applicants are the honours programme in science, the professional programmes in medicine, psychology and dentistry and the Bachelor in philosophy, political science and economy.

Image of new students at UiO in front of the physics building

Photo: Jarli & Jordan/UiO

Out of a total of 40 750 applicants, 11 488 have been offered admission to the University of Oslo in the autumn of 2022. The list of most popular programmes also includes law, informatics: digital economy and management, pharmacy, clinical nutrition and one-year units in philosophy and criminology. International studies is a newcomer on the list this year.

Solid interest for all programmes

On a national level, we see that the thresholds for admission are down by a little in 2022. The point requirements for medicine, dentistry and psychology have increased, however. UiO has the highest number of study programmes where the point requirement for admission exceeds 60 in the ordinary quota, 16 in total. At the same time, a large portion of the applicants will be admitted to their programme of choice.

– We are happy to see that our study programmes continue to attract strong applicants. The competition is fierce for admission to professional programmes in medicine, psychology and odontology, and the same holds for interdisciplinary programmes such as the honour programmes and "Philosophy, politics and economy". For first-choice applicants, the honours programme in science was actually harder to get into this year than medicine, says Vice-Rector for Education Bj?rn Stensaker. 

Portrettfoto av viserektor Bj?rn Stensaker
Bj?rn Stensaker, Vice-Rector for Education. Photo: Jarli & Jordan/UiO

At UiO, the thresholds for admission have also increased for studies in dental hygiene, antique culture, classical languages, religious studies, linguistics and literary studies.

– It is wonderful to see that our applicants are interested in the new  interdisciplinary programmes as well as more traditional university subjects. To solve the many societal challenges that lie ahead of today's youth we need a wide range of expertise, both from interdisciplinary studies and in-depth familiarity with specific subjects.

Welcome to start of studies!

The overall interest for UiO's 106 study programmes has been good, and many qualified applicants will receive an offer for admission. 

– We are looking forward to start of studies. We will do your best to make sure that their time at the University of Oslo will be memorable and a good investment in the future both for the students and society at large, Stensaker concludes.

Key numbers for UiO

  • 17 161 first-choice applicants to study programmes at UiO
  • 11 448 have been offered admission (7186 women and 4262 men)
  • 2,7 first-choice applicants per available study place
  • UiO is the academic institution in Norway with the most programmes where the point requirement for admission exceeds 60 in the ordinary quota (16 in total).

UiO study programmes with highest point requirements

Study programme Ordinary quota Quota for first choice
Medicine, autumn 69,6 62,4
Medicine, spring 68,8 61
Psychology, autumns 68,1 59
Dentistry 67,7 59
Psychology, spring 66,7 57,5
Honours programme, natural sicences 66,1 63
Pilosophy, politics and economy 64,5 58,7
Honours programme, social sciences 61,9 57
Law, autumn 63,5 57,3
Psychology, year unit 61,2 54,5
Law, spring 62,2 55,3
Honours programme, humanities, philosophy, linguistics 61 54,3
Interdiciplinary gender studies, year unit 60,9 49,4
Informatics: digital economny and management 60,4 53
Criminology, year unit 60,3 54,7
Clinical nutrition 60 54
Classical languages 58,5 All
Philosophy, year unit 58,1 52,9
International studies 58,2 55
Social economy, year unit 58,1 46,8
Published July 25, 2022 11:00 AM - Last modified July 25, 2022 11:32 AM