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University of Oslo prepared to admit students from Ukraine

Among the Ukrainian refugees who are now coming to Norway, there are many students. The University of Oslo wants to contribute so that they can continue their education in Norway. For these efforts to succeed, however, the immigration administration must settle the refugees in or close to Oslo.

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UiO welcomes Ukranian students. Image from the start of the academic year 2021. Foto: Jarli&Jordan/UiO

– It is essential that Ukrainian refugees are able to continue their studies or to start higher education. We will assume our part of the responsibility, and are currently working intensively to expand our study offers. It is crucial to the future rebuilding of Ukraine, and it is crucial to the quality of life of those who have been forced to flee their home country, says Rector Svein St?len.

A wide offering

Norway's Ministry of Education and Research are currently distributing available spots for students across the education sector. The University of Oslo will scale up our capacity. Our surveys show that we can accommodate up to 800 students, with offers ranging from courses in Norwegian to Master’s programmes. A wide selection of options, which covers the interests and qualifications of as many of the new immigrants as possible, is key.

  • Norwegian courses: Upwards of 300 spots, starting this summer
  • Master's programme: Between 100 and 150 spots, starting this fall
  • UiO offers several courses in English, which will be combined into shorter programmes for approximately 300 students.

The Government must settle people wisely

– We want to contribute, but we are dependent on prospective students being settled sufficiently close to the university. It is essential that the Norwegian Government take into account options for work, employment and other activities, and settle people accordingly, says St?len.

The University of Oslo will be flexible when it comes to admissions, and is currently working to develop good admission systems for the students.

– Education and meaningful activities are of the utmost importance to the Ukrainians’ preparedness to rebuild their country when this war comes to an end. It is also essential to the quality of their life in Norway, St?len concludes.

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Published Apr. 8, 2022 5:46 PM - Last modified Apr. 8, 2022 6:56 PM