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Research at the University of Oslo

UiO is a leading European university that moves the boundaries of knowledge. Long-term basic research is our strength.

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Research excellence

UiO's foremost research centres deliver ground-breaking knowledge across a variety of diciplines. 

Interdisciplinary knowledge

In our interdisciplinary environments, researchers from all of UiO come together to find solutions to challenges within welfare, health, energy, polarisation, migration, war and more.

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PhD at UiO

With a broad range of subject areas and strong research environments, UiO offers research training of a high international standard. We offer eight PhD programmes.

Work and collaboration

Academic positions

We offer our scientific employees academic challenges in a dynamic and an international-oriented environment.

International collaboration

We give high priority to long-term international research collaborations world-wide.

Knowledge in use

By promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, we ensure that our research can be transformed into solutions with significant value for society.

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Research history

How UiO changed Norway

From a welfare state to artificial fertilizer: stories about UiO's contribution to society through 200 years.

Nobel Prize Laureats at UiO

Five Nobel Prize winners have been employed at the University of Oslo.