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Privacy policy for UiOs websites

When visiting a UiO website, cookies are automatically applied to your browser or device. 

Some cookies are necessary for maintaining basic operations on our website and services and are therefore not optional.

Other cookies are used to help us understand how users interact with the website, in order to improve and develop the experience on our website. These cookies are optional.  

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Content of necessary cookies

The cookies used for logging in can be linked to you as an individual in the UiO systems while you are logged in. Other cookies (e.g. language preferences) are stored in the browser, but do no contain personally identifiable information.

Statistics and analysis: Google Analytics 4

UiO uses Google Analytics to analyse the use of our website for users who consent. The online analysis service is provided by Google, inc. (Google), and uses cookies to analyse how users use the site. The IP address is anonymized before it is sent to Google.

Your rights

As long as you can be identified through the data material we collect, you have some statutory rights. You have a right to know:

  • why we process your personal data
  • what personal data we process about you (Right of access)
  • how long the personal data will be stored

In addition, you have the right to:

  • withdraw a given consent
  • correct, add or delete personal data that is wrong, or that is no longer lawful to process
  • restriction of processing
  • data portability, meaning that if we process data on the foundation of having consent or a contract, you can ask us to transfer your persona data to you or another data controller
  • protest if you disagree with our collection of your personal data if we process your data on the foundation of fulfilling our tasks or a balance of interests

If you believe we have processed your personal data in an unlawful way, or if you believe we have not fulfilled your rights, you have the right to submit a complaint about the process. If we do not accept your complaint, you have the right to submit the complaint to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

Contact our Data Protection Officer if you want to submit a complaint about the process or if you want to exercise your rights.

Contact us with any questions

Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer at UiO works to uphold the Privacy policy for both students and employees. The Data Protection Officer is also the point of contact for any questions related to data administration and how to exercise your rights under the Privacy policy. You can contact the Data Protection Officer via email at

Data processing responsibility

The University of Oslo (UiO) is responsible for the processing of data laid out in this policy. If you have any questions about this policy, you can contact us via this email:   

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